Internet Account

Timespace works with various internet providers where access accounts including e-mail and enough space for a web site start at $15 to $25 a month (depending on the amount of access time and space you desire). We will visit your home or business to configure your computer, modem and software and guide you through the basics for a $75 fee.


WWW site design costs vary considerably from hundreds to hundreds of thousands. A basic layout consisting of 3 to 4 pages of text, Logo and a couple of additional graphics would be approx. $500. A design consisting of 5-10 pages of text, Logo, navigation tools, 3 or 4 additional graphical images, links and e-mail routing would be approx. $700 to $900. Advanced design which may include forms (orders, requests, suveys), counters, sound files, large graphics, animations, secure transactions, downloadable files, search engines, etc. can start at as little as $1,500 to $2,000.


A Web address (which will look something like this "www.yourprovider.com/~yourname/") is often included with your Internet account and is sometimes sufficient for one’s web needs. It is, however, becoming more important (as the web becomes more crowded) to obtain an official address or web ‘Domain’ ("www.yourname.com") in order to stand out or even be found. Registration with the internic is required ($70.US - good for two years). Once your name is registered, your site is ready to be 'Hosted' on an internet server. Timespace provides domain registration aid for $25 and domain hosting services for $30 per mo. with a $30 set-up fee.

Site Management and Maintenance

This includes the updating of information and forwarding of orders, e-mail, usage statistics, etc. for those who don't have a computer or who wish not to do it themselves. Timespace provides weekly mail and order forwarding (via fax or mail) and up to 1 hr of site maintenance (updates) for $50mo. or $500yr. For those requiring more frequent mail and order forwarding and extensive site maintenance fees are negotiable starting from $75mo. or $750yr.


Most web-site maintenance consists of responding to various forms of e-mail requests and the updating of some key area(s) of the site. Proficiency in responding to mail, order or information requests, web navigation and simple site updates is relatively easy to learn. Training services are provided at your location or via e-mail for a rate of $40.hr.


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